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CQU students win 2020 Anniversary Asian Design Award

The selection results of 2020 Anniversary Asian Design Award were revealed on November 17, 2020. The works titled “LIGHT UP Comprehensive Lighting Devices for Stairs in Old Communities” of Fu Siqi and Li Xin, postgraduates of 2019 majoring in Architecture, under the guide of Professor Yan Yonghong of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, won the gold award. The “Dancer in the Light”, the works of Wu Qiming and Chen Quanren, postgraduates of 2019 majoring in architecture, under the guide of Associate Professor Ding Suhong, won the bronze award.

The theme of the event is “Sociology of Space”. Participants were asked to use the research results of sociology of space to urge the design circle to reflect and explore the change of space design, and to explore the civilization and progress of social daily life driven by space creativity. With the concept of sociology of space as the theme, the event aimed to promote the thinking and practice of design separation and exploration in the development dilemma.

The works has been developed with the stairways in old communities of Chongqing as the background. Research has been carried out to solve the shortage of lighting facilities in those old communities. Techniques and arts were integrated into the design scheme, resulting in an interactive device that is both practical and artistic. The purpose is to light up the old and lifeless communities of Chongqing with the art of lights.

In design of the “LIGHT UP Comprehensive Lighting Devices for Stairs in Old Communities”, the LIGHT-UP concept was proposed in view of the current lighting situation of the old stairways. Light was used as the media protect and help those old communities, so as to upgrade the life quality of people living there. The micro-transformation of community is used as the means, and a feasible design strategy and scheme was put forward.

In Chongqing, there are many old communities and most of them are located by the mountains. This means stairways and steps are important channels for the residents, most of whom are old and middle aged people. Due to shortage of lighting facilities, there is insufficient or even no lighting of stairways, causing the elderly to be unable to see the edge of stairways. This may cause great danger.

The device can be used to provide light at the stairways that serves as both landscape and lighting facility. It does not only meet the requirements of safe travel, but also comprises an object lifting device, so as to assist the elderly in walking. According to the time setting, the functional light is turned off sometimes and the device turns into an interactive artistic lighting facility, making the old communities look better. In addition, the device includes an infrared sensor, and is therefore able to give audible and visible warnings about any abnormality at night.

In the design of the “Dancer in the Light”, Wu Qiming and Chen Quanren creatively applied the automatic tracking technique to the stage illumination design, and integrated performance arts with stage arts with light as the media.

The Annual Asian Design Award (from 2003 to 2020) is expected to become a professional authoritative grand event for design with wider coverage, larger scale, deeper exchange and communication and greater influence in Asian countries and regions. This event has been held for 18 years. Based on the framework and foundation of architecture, landscape, interior design, exhibition, light environment and urban design, it provides a platform to fully connect the design circles at home and abroad, design colleges and universities and associations, in an effort to promote the exchange and development of the academic circle and industrial circle.

The gold award and bronze award won by the School of Architecture and Urban Planning fall within the “light and space” segment of the Annual Asian Design Award. Totally 68 colleges and universities participated in the competition of this segment.