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Team led by CQU’s Professor Chu Dongzhu wins 2nd place in International Design Competition for Library of SONDO International City

The International Design Competition for Library of SONDO International City has released the list of winners the other day. The reviewers selected 1 first place winner, 1 second place winner, 1 third place winner, 2 fourth place winners and 11 honorary mention winners from the 242 schemes received from all over the world. The winner teams are from 9 countries, including South Korea, the USA, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Russia and China. The design scheme, “Volcano & Intelligence”, submitted by Lab.C Studio directed by Professor Chu Dongzhu of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing University was granted the second place award.

List of Winners

As a model in the construction of "International Smart City" of South Korea, SONDO International City is located in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea, which is part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone and is about 65 kilometers away from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The site is located in SONDO International Business District, surrounded by SONDO International Convention Center, SONDO Central Park, Tri-bowl and other well-known buildings and cultural facilities. The Competition is a global architectural design competition sponsored by the Korean Architectural Society. Its purpose is not only to build a future-oriented library for residents of SONDO International City, but also to create a sustainable cultural space with both public and regional characteristics, and set up an important knowledge and cultural symbol for SONDO to become an international city.

The reviewers include Louis Becker (partner and design director of Henning Larsen), Robert Greenwood (partner of Snohetta), John Enright (director of Griffin Enright Architects and vice dean of the Department of Architecture of University of South California), Lee, Eunseok (professor of Kyung Hee University and K.O.M.A director) and Lim, Jaeyong (OCA director and chief planner of SBAU2021.

Lab.C. Design and Research Studio is directed by Professor Chu Dongzhu, a national first-class registered architect from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning o Chongqing University. The Lab. C Studio got its name from “Living architecture in booming City & Countryside”. As its name indicates, it focuses on the new phenomena and issues in the rapid development of rural and urban areas, the new relation between human and the space, the essence of architecture and its viable evolution.

An Aerial View of the Building

An External View of the Building

An External View of the Building