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Video conference held between CQU and University College Dublin

A video conference was held between Chongqing University and University College Dublin on April 15, 2021. Gao Xiang, deputy director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Gavin Chaw, director of the Global Center of University College Dublin, and Lillian Luo, a senior official of the Recruitment Office of University College Dublin, attended the conference.

At the conference, Gavin Chaw gave a detailed view of the advantages of studying in Ireland under the current situation, the international education programs launched by University College Dublin, and the foundation of cooperation between the two universities. Gavin pointed out that due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and political factors, Ireland, as an English speaking country, had become one of the most popular destinations of international students. He expressed his wish that the two universities will carry on with the “1+1+1” double-degree master program, and expand on other programs including “3+1+1”, “3+2”, and “3.5+0.5+1”. According to Gavin, University College Dublin is going to offer more preferential scholarship policies and hopefully, more students from Chongqing University will participate in long-term and short-term exchange programs at University College Dublin.

Gao Xiang expressed his hope that in the future, the scope of cooperation will be expanded to scientific research, enterprise cooperation and other areas, and the scope of cooperation disciplines would also be expanded. For example, the two universities may carry out teacher exchange, cooperative scientific research and other cooperation between the schools of medicine and in other professional areas. At the same time, Gao suggested that University College Dublin carry out online program promotion for students of Chongqing University, so that they would have a deeper understanding of University College Dublin. He also invited professors of University College Dublin to Chongqing University to cooperate with professors of Chongqing University, so that the two universities may work together to offer online or offline short-term international courses jointly delivered by domestic and foreign professors.

Representatives of the School of Civil Engineering and the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing University also attended the conference.