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CQU holds the 6th International Conference on "Quantum Information, Spacetime and Topological Matter"

The 6th International Conference on "Quantum Information, Spacetime and Topological Matter", sponsored by Fudan University and organized by Chongqing University, was going on from May 19 to 23, 2021 at LA101, Huxi Campus, Chongqing University.

Han Zhong, secretary of the CPC Committee of the School of Physics, presided at the opening ceremony of the event. Xia Zhining, assistant to president of Chongqing University, extended warm welcome to the honored guests present at the event on behalf of Chongqing University. More than 10 well-known researchers and over 20 young researchers from reputable colleges and universities of China, including Beijing University, Tsinghua University and Fudan University, attended the event upon invitation and delivered keynote speeches. Nearly 30 postgraduates and post-doctors displayed their posters. More than 260 teachers and students from colleges, universities and research institutions were present at the event.

The event has received substantial support from the Academic Exchange Platform for Theoretical Physics of National Natural Science Foundation, SpinQ, and Chongqing Physics Association. The monetary award for outstanding posters was sponsored by The Innovation of Cell Press. At the closing ceremony, Professor You Li from Tsinghua University said that the Conference provided a platform for scientific research workers in various areas to share their forward-looking views and discuss key technologies, and contributed to the integration and fusion of areas including quantum information, astronomy and condensed matter physics. This Conference was extensively appreciated by the participating experts and promoted further material cooperation between the School of Physics and reputable colleges and universities at home and abroad, and played a positive publicizing role for team building of the School in this area.