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Sun Jihai appointed as honorary head coach of CQU Football Teams

On December 12, 2021, Sun Jihai, a former player of China National Football Team, was appointed as honorary head coach of Chongqing University Football Team, which is a move to expedite the building of a high-level football team and bring the football playing ability of Chongqing University to a higher level.

It is reported that Sun Jihai is a former player of China National Football Team. In 1995, Sun started his career as a football player of Dalian Wanda Team of First Division Group A League. After that, he was selected as player of China National Football Team a number of times and played in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup on behalf of China National Football Team. He is the first Chinese football player to score in the Premier League. In February 2015, Sun Jihai joined Chongqing Lifan Team, a newly promoted team of Chinese Football Association Super League. On December 11, 2016, Sun Jihai officially announced his retirement.

▲On December 12, 2021, Sun Jihai, a well-known Chinese football player, was officially appointed as honorary head coach of CQU Football Teams at the Football Field, Huxi Campus. Chongqing University. In this picture, Sun Jihai is holding his certificate of appointment. Photographer: Lu Yue/Chongqing Daily iPaper

“Chongqing University has a number of football teams. The High-level Men’s Football Team and High-level Women’s Football Team of Chongqing University are made up of national first-class and second-class athletes, and have made it to the top 3 in the Final of China University Football League.” Qiu Rongfu, secretary of CPC Committee of the School of Physical Education of Chongqing University said that with the help and guide of Sun Jihai as the head coach, the football level of Chongqing University would see further improvement and breakthrough, and might someday “snatch a silver or even gold medal”.

Besides, Sun Jihai was at the same time appointed as honorary head coach by Lyuchun County Middle School of Yunnan, which is under fixed-point support of Chongqing University. In recent years, Chongqing University has been helping Lyuchun Senior Middle School revitalize its football team by providing centralized campus football training and special training of football coaches. Furthermore, Chongqing University has also been working with its affiliated middle school to provide support to Lyuchun Senior Middle School, so as to improve the comprehensive quality of local teenagers.

On the morning of December 12, an intense friendly match was held between High-level Men’s Football Team and High-level Women’s Football Team of Chongqing University and students of the football team of Lyuchun County Middle School under guide of Sun Jihai. Every player seemed to be well prepared to show the best they’d got in front of Sun.

▲Sun Jihai is guiding the players.

“I’m so delighted and nervous. It is the first time that I have set my foot on such a nice sports ground. We had to make do with a basketball court before”. Bai Nan, a Hani student in his third year of Lyuchun County Senior Middle School said that his coach did not told them Sun would be present to guide them until last night.

Sun Jihai expressed his delight in being appointed as coach of the football teams of Chongqing University and Lyuchun County Senior Middle School. According to Sun, the sports of China would have a better talent foundation and the professional sports level would be greatly improved when less students wear glasses and more come to the sports ground to do sports.

▲Sun Jihai is demonstrating his football skills.

Qiu Rongfu said, Sun Jihai was now appointed as honorary head coach, and Chongqing University would proceed with the “Football in Remote Mountains” Program of Lyuchun, and organize mutual visit and exchange between football teams of the two sides. Moreover, Chongqing University will provide financial support and technical guide for football education of teenagers in Lyuchun County, in an effort to help them get better results in matches of and above the provincial level, and provide training for the outstanding students to help them pass into colleges or universities.