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CQU's engagement in cultural poverty relief and soundscape heritage protection in Lyuchun, Yunnan


X-scape Lab is a research-oriented design team established by CQU's Prof. Xie Hui. It concentrates efforts on tackling human settlement challenges in the context of climate changes and focuses on improving the multi-sensory experience of people in an environment, and the interactivity and healing effect of spaces.

It is clearly pointed out on the "14th Five-year Plan" that efforts shall be made to carry on with and promote the excellent tradition and culture of the Chinese nation, strengthen protection, research and utilization of cultural relics of the ancient books and enhance the systematic protection of important cultural and natural heritage and intangible cultural heritage. Under the unified employment of CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Lyuchun County of Yunnan was designated as the recipient of assistance provided by Chongqing University in 2013. Hanihaba, which refers to traditional ancient songs of Hani people as the local intangible cultural heritage, has become one of the important areas in cultural poverty relief and protection.

In the context of cultural poverty relief and soundscape heritage protection, since 2020, Associate Prof. Luo Jun and Prof. Xie Hui of the X-scape Lab of Chongqing University conducted survey, and recording of the regional soundscape made up of hanihaba, and established a dedicated database. The efforts were made in order to analyze the deductive characteristics of different types of hanihaba soundscape and the factors affecting the change of soundscape from the perspective of soundscape ecology, so as to bring forward measures to protect, reshape and promote the inheritance of traditional culture of Hani people.

An ancient Hani song named Musical Work of October is being performed.

Hani palm fan dancing is being performed.

A Hani toasting song is being performed.

A Hani ancient song, or hanihaba, is an ancient ballad created by Hani people in their long history of production and living. Its forms and contents are mainly about epic poetry of the world creation, migration epic poetry, narrative long poem, customs and rituals, and sacrificial eulogy. As an important part of Hani people's marriage, funeral, sacrificial ceremony and farming life and a reflection of the characteristics of Hani people's religious culture and living customs, it is dubbed as Hani people's wordless encyclopedia.

Recording of four-season production melody of Hani people is in process.

By now X-scape Lab has completed the first phase construction, software and platform of recording of hanihaba, and has launched it on line. Now panoramic sound material of 4T and video material of more than 200 hours have been collected. The material collection, reorganization and research will be continued in the future, in an effort to constantly improve the establishment and recording of database of different types of hanihaba soundscapes and analyze the change law and influencing factors of characteristics of hanihaba landscape. The mystery and glamour of different hanihaba scenarios will be shown at home and abroad with the use of technologies such as cloud digital platforms, VR, 32-channel acoustic field reduction and etc.

A group photo taken at the project site

Original title: CQU's Engagement in Cultural Poverty Relief and Soundscape Heritage Protection in Lyuchun, Yunnan