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CQU students in voluntary farmer support program

On July 9, 2022, in response to the national policy, the Social Practice Team "A Search for Beautiful Countryside and A Dialogue with Colorful Wulong" of the School of Electrical Engineering of Chongqing University arrived at Xunmengyuan Alpine Fruit Planting Base located in Wulong District, Chongqing, where they helped pick and pack agricultural products for e-commerce merchants.

The Xunmengyuan Alpine Fruit Planting Base has an area of 100 mu. A variety of fruits are planted in the base, including blueberry, grape, plum, cherry, pear and peach. They get ripe between June and October. The ripe fruits look nice, taste good, smell great and are of high quality. Since opening of the Base, it has become a popular destination for visitors to go for a sightseeing and have fun. It is playing an important role in driving the development of alpine fruit planting and industrial tourism in nearby areas and contributing greatly to the agricultural structure adjustment and targeted poverty alleviation in the mountain areas.

In the Xunmengyuan Blueberry Picking Base, the glossy, round blue berries covered the branches of threes, filling the air with pleasant fragrance of blueberries. Hu Lei, Scientific Special Commissioner of Xunmengyuan told the team members that they introduced more than 10 varieties of blueberry in 2013 for screening. Now they have 6 varieties that are performing well. After variety screening, the blueberries they have are large in size and taste sweet due to unique daylight condition and the significant diurnal temperature variation, and they are quite popular in the market.

After that, Hu Lei taught the team members the way to tell a blueberry is ripe or not and showed them the most effective way to pick blueberries. The team members then got into the blueberry garden to pick blueberries before it got too hot.

"Compared with ordinary blueberries available in the market, Fairy blueberries taste better and more sweet, and have a strong sweet scent," Said a team member while eating the blueberries.

After that, the team members started to sort out the blueberries with the help of the responsible person of the Base. The properly packed agricultural products are being sold to different places across China on rural e-commerce platforms. On rural e-commerce platforms, agricultural products are sold at a higher price. Moreover, they got a wider distribution for the agricultural products and are selling it to other places.

Drawing on the "e-commerce in rural areas" as an important platform and carrier, Chongqing University and farmers in the area are working together to promote employment and development of the industrial chain, improve quality of the agricultural products, and expand the platform for farmers to increase their income. Development is like a chess game, as the first move is the most critical. They are now standing at another historical starting pointing, glowing with pride, making contributions to modernization of agriculture and rural areas and common prosperity.