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CQU signs an MOU with the National University of Singapore in a live video call

On July 14, 2022, an MOU signing ceremony between Chongqing University and the National University of Singapore was held through a live video call. Liu Hanlong, Managing Vice President of Chongqing University, and Susanna LEONG, Vice Provost (Master's Programmes & Lifelong Education), appeared at the event. Liu Hanlong and Susanna LEONG delivered a speech and signed the agreement on behalf of each side.

In his speech, Liu Hanlong gave a brief introduction to the cooperation between the two universities. According to Liu, Chongqing University and the National University of Singapore have been cooperating in scientific research, industrialization, long-term and short-term projects and lifelong education for a long time and in an extensive way. They have nurtured more than 400 outstanding graduates. In the past 5 years, more than 200 papers have been published as a result of collaboration between the two universities. These papers cover various disciplines including material science, chemicophysics, nanotechnology, engineering electrical and electronics, and civil engineering. Liu called for efforts on both sides to work together and build on past achievements and strive for new progress based on the existing cooperation foundation, seize the opportunity of construction of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor in west China and carry out cooperation in an all-round way on a higher level, in an ultimate effort to realize the shared goal of the two to nurture talents and guide the society.

Susanna LEONG said that the two universities, as long-term strategic partners, had cooperated in fields including academic research, scientific and technological innovation and talent nurturing. Since 2016, under the "3+1+1" joint education and training framework, a total of more than 10 agreements have been signed between 5 schools and departments of the National University of Singapore and 10 schools and departments of Chongqing University, which have yielded more than 50 outstanding students. With the joint efforts of experts and professors in various disciplines of Chongqing University and the National University of Singapore, a great number of graduates have devoted themselves to scientific research, education and development of emerging industries, and are making contributions to the society through practical actions. LEONG hold a firm belief that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding reinstated the strategic partnership, cooperation means and types between the two universities. She expressed her hope that the two universities would give full play to their advantageous disciplines and complement each other's advantages, so as to promote the bilateral strategic cooperation in fields like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, instrument science and engineering, civil engineering, material science, metallurgical engineering and mining engineering.

Reuben Wong, Associate Vice President of the National University of Singapore, Steven Zhou, Director (NUS Masters' Programmes & Lifelong Education, China), Yap Wei Lin, Assistant Senior Manager, Chai Kah Hin, Vice Dean of the Masters' Programmes & Lifelong Education, Gong Jiangbin, Head of the Physics Department, Yang Qingshan, Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, Han Zhong, Secretary of CPC Committee of the School of Physics, Nie Baisheng, Dean of the School of Resources and Safety Engineering, and Gao Xiang, Deputy Director of the Office of International Affairs, showed up at the signing ceremony.