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Academician Zhou Xuhong delivers a special report in CQU Branch of the Youth University Science Camp

On the morning of July 12, 2022, upon invitation of CQU Branch of the Youth University Science Camp, Zhou Xuhong, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in structural engineering, delivered a special report titled An Informal Discussion over Wind Power Generation and Wind Power Structure to members of the Camp in the Minzhu Lake Lecture Hall, Campus A, CQU.

In the report, Zhou Xuhong focused on wind power as a clean energy and gave a full view of the current situation and prospects of China's wind power generation and wind power structure in 4 aspects, including the "reason for development of wind power generation", "the process of power generation by the windmill", "the wind power structure" and "problems and thinking". Zhou pointed out that traditional power generation consumed nonrenewable resources, posing a serious impact on the ecological environment. Wind energy is one of the most important renewable and clean energies. China shall concentrate efforts on development of wind power generation, incorporate development of clean energy into the national energy strategy, and expedite transformation and upgrading of its energy structure.

Focusing on the professional field of wind energy, Zhou took windmills as an example to explain the scientific principle and operation mechanism of wind power generation, and exhibited the related equipment system of wind power structure. Moreover, he also gave a systematic introduction to the requirements for safety, economic efficiency and environmental friendliness of the wind power structure. Zhou shared her ideas and thoughts on the existing problems facing the development of wind power in China. He went on to emphasize that China shall evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in a proper way, never downplay problems and bolster sustainable development of energy.

Zhou's report was profound but easy to understand. Camp members obtained an understanding of the basic principle and frontier technology of wind power generation, and experienced the rigorousness and preciseness of scientific research. In the question and answer part, camp members raised questions based on the content of the report and their own ideas. Zhou gave patient explanations to the questions.

In the last part, Zhou expressed his expectations for the camp members. He called upon the camp members to build interest in science as young reserve talents in innovation, closely follow the scientific and technological development, and make endeavors to make contributions to the scientific innovation and development of China as the new-generation youth.

After the report, camp members said that they were deeply impressed by the scientist's spirit they saw in Academician Zhou, and that they got inspiration as to how they should plan their future.