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ABBS-International Conference on Biohydrogen and Bioprocesses 2022 successfully held in Chongqing

The ABBS-International Conference on Biohydrogen and Bioprocesses 2022, jointly organized by Key Laboratory of Low-grade Energy Utilization Technologies & Systems, MOE, School of Energy and Power Engineering of Chongqing University, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Asia BioHyLinks and International Association for Hydrogen Energy, co-organized by Harbin Institute of Technology, was held by virtual means on December 3-4, 2022. Nearly 300 representatives from 12 countries and regions including Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Japan, Italy, Ireland, mainland China as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan of China. Founded in 2006, ABBS has been held for 17 years in a row. It is the second time that Chongqing University has acted as an organizer of the event since 2012.

Participating representatives had a group photo taken by virtual means.

On the morning of December 3, the opening ceremony of the event was held. Professor Li Jian, Vice President of Chongqing University, Lin Qiuyu, Chair Professor of Feng Chia University, Professor Liao Qiang, Dean of the School of Energy and Power Engineering of Chongqing University, among a total of nearly 300 representatives from home and abroad, participated in the opening ceremony. Academician Ren Nanqi from Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Jun Miyake from Osaka University, Professor Zhang Jiaxiu from Tunghai University and Professor Liao Qiang from Chongqing University delivered speeches respectively on topics such as commercialization development and application of biological hydrogen production technology, application and planning of artificial intelligence technology in the field of biological hydrogen production, development and bottleneck of microalgae technology in the field of carbon neutralization and circular economy, carbon fixation by microalgae and energy utilization technology of its resources.

Four plenary speeches

There were a total of 15 parallel sessions of different topics and presentation forms, including 11 keynote speeches, 15 invited speeches, 69 oral presentations and 31 posters. The number of online participants in each parallel session exceeded 1,100, and the number of simultaneously online participants exceeded 280. Scholars from all over the world were assembled here to have in-depth discussion over various topics.

A panel of judges made up of the 32 chairmen of the parallel sessions

At the closing ceremony of the event, Professors Zhu Xun and Chen Rong from Chongqing University went over the highlights of the event and announced the list of outstanding reports. Professor Dwi Susilaningsih from Kalimantan University of Science and Technology, an organizer of ABBS 2023, delivered a welcome speech of ABBS 2023. At last, Liao Qiang extended thanks to the experts and scholars for their participation and expressed his hope to see them again in ABBS 2023.

Closing ceremony of the event