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Chongqing University Cancer Hospital named in the list of the first National Science Popularization Education Bases

On November 29, China Association for Science and Technology announced the Decision to Name the First National Science Popularization Education Bases for Supplementary Certification of 2021-2025. Chongqing University Cancer Hospital is named in the list. This is the second national science popularization education base the Hospital is approved to build after it was approved to build the Science Popularization in China Joint Construction Base in 2018.

In recent years, led by the strategy of Health China Initiative, focusing on the 5 key parts of cancer "prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation", Chongqing University Cancer Hospital has prioritized science popularization as part of the cancer prevention and treatment, and has been making efforts to innovate in the science popularization service concept. For this purpose, it has built the "3+4+5" health science popularization mode, which involves the 3 levels of work layout, 4 institutional guarantees, and 5 science popularization abilities, so as to create a new pattern for science popularization of cancer treatment and prevention.

After years of construction, the Hospital has made milestone achievements in science popularization, and is now playing a leading and demonstrating role in the region. The Science Popularization Series on Cancer Prevention and Treatment edited by the Hospital was included in the recommendation list of excellent books of the National Health Commission and the national excellent book for science popularization. It won the science popularization award of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and the second prize of the award for scientific and technological advancement of Chongqing. The science popularization activity it organized was given the outstanding award for major demonstrating activities of the National Science and Technology Activity Week and the Hospital was dubbed as the Outstanding Organizer of the National Science Popularization Day Activities. The science popularization activity was selected as a typical case in the first selection of National Science and Technology Volunteer Service Projects. The Hospital won the title of Chongqing Science Communication Team of the Year in the Dianzan · Science Popularization in China, the title of advanced collective in the first selection of Chongqing Innovation Pioneering Award, and the national advanced collective for the scientific quality work of the whole people. As residents in Chongqing get to know more about cancer prevention, the knowledge rate of cancer prevention and treatment among citizens increased from 55.90% in 2010 to 75.40 in 2019.

The National Science Popularization Education Bases, also known as China Science Popularization Education Bases, are demonstration sites that play a role in science popularization and education utilizing the science popularization of the society, in an effort to stimulate the people's enthusiasm for science popularization. There are 6 categories of National Science Popularization Education Bases, including science and technology venues, education & scientific research and major projects, "agriculture, rural areas, and rural residents" bases, enterprises, natural resources and others. The National Science Popularization Education Bases are appraised once every 5 years.