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2023 CQU "Global Education Week" is held

Recently, the "Global Education Exhibition" is officially launched in Campus A, Chongqing University. This activity will last to early November. More than twenty internationally famous universities and education institutions such as University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins University, University of California, Irvine, University of California, Davis, University of Maryland, and University of Texas at Austin attend the exhibition, providing students with professional and diversified advises and services.

At the site, Liu Hanlong, Managing Vice President of Chongqing University, says in his speed that this Global Education Exhibition provides a platform for teachers and students to understand the high quality education resources of countries around the world, and aims to help them better understand the education system, academic culture and learning opportunities of different countries. Through communication and cooperation with overseas universities, it is hoped that outstanding talents with international vision and global competitiveness will be cultivated and broad development space and more opportunities will be provided.

During the activity, universities and institutions also share their opinions on study-abroad policies, study-abroad plans, selection of universities and majors, factors affecting admission of overseas postgraduates, improvement of personal competitiveness, etc., interact with students, answer their questions, and provide them with careful guidance. The site is immersed in a lively atmosphere.

The "Global Education Exchange Week" has rich and diversified activities. During the activity, Chongqing University organizes presentations on overseas exchange and government-sponsored oversea education for students in Chongqing University. Competent departments of the University introduce students to the overseas exchange program and provide guidance for preparation. It also organizes a study-abroad exchange experience sharing session for students of Chongqing University, at which representatives of outstanding students who participate in the project share their experience and gains with other students. In addition, cooperators and universities are also invited to give 11 special presentations for students, including "Qatar Airways Presentation", "Oxford University Cooperation Presentation", "University of Texas at Austin Cooperation Project Presentation", "University of Bristol 3+1 Program Presentation", "Waseda University IPS Application and Study-abroad Presentation", etc. The students are enthusiastic in various sessions and presentations, and express that they have benefited a lot. During this period, the University holds working conferences with Waseda University, Chongqing Research Institute of National University of Singapore, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland to negotiate on student training, scientific cooperation, etc., creating a favorable international atmosphere.

"Global Education Week" aims to enhance the global competence of students, create an international education atmosphere, and open up new channels and platforms for students to participate in international exchanges. The activity is sponsored by the Office of International Affairs and International Student Affairs Management Center of Chongqing University with the support, co-sponsoring or promotion of the Publicity Department, the Department of Student Work of the CPC Committee, the Occupational Development and Employment Guiding Center and different schools of the University.