With a strong tradition in natural science and engineering, CQU has achieved considerable progress in humanity and social science, offering a wide range of disciplines from economics, management to history and law.


Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation

School of Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Machine Design, Manufacture and Automation

School of Power Engineering

Energy and Power Engineering (Energy and Power Engineering, New Energy Science and Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Technology)

School of Resources and Environmental Science

Safety Engineering

Mining Engineering

Environmental Science

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Material Science and Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Material Forming and Control Engineering

School of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering (Engineering Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering)

School of Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Industrial Design

CQU-UC Joint Co-op Institute

Machine Design, Manufacture and Automation

Electrical Engineering and Automation