CQU upholds the schooling mission to “Conduct rigorous research, Cultivate talents, Enlighten masses, and Guide the revitalization of the society”, in an effort to consolidate foundation for scientific research, create a encouraging scientific research environment. It has developed remarkable scientific research strength, cultivated a great number of scientific research elites and made considerable contribution to the technological and scientific innovation and progress of the country and the nation.

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Key Laboratory of Biorheological Science and Technology, MOE


The key laboratory of biorheological science and technology (Chongqing University) was initiated by Ministry of Education at June 2009, and was officially authorized to operate at December 2011. It successfully passed the Assessment to Key Laboratories of Ministry of Education at September 2016. The Biorheological Science aims to study, via a multi-scale approach, the philosophy behind the structure and function of molecular, cell and organ within the biomedical domain, which consequentially results in new methods and technologies. This field has drawn great interests from a group of domestic and foreign elegant researchers. Their research outcomes continuously appear at the set top-tier academic publications, such as Nature, Science and its child journals, Adv Mater, etc. The research doamins of this Laboratory are well aligned with the state-of-art in global society of Biorheological Science, with the focus on the cause of cardiovascular/bone & joints /tumor diseases from the biorheological perspective, biomaterials for tissue repair, and the innovation on biopharmaceutics and medical devices. The outcomes of these researches successfully accelerated of the scientific innovations of regenerative medicine, medical device and biomedicine in China, which are also the focused strategic area of China’s 12th and 13th national five-year industry growth plan. In addition, these outcome also help to stimulate the innovations in aerospace medicine and brain science.

Research fields

Biomechanics & Biorheology in Physiological and Pathological Processes

Design of Biomedical Materials and its Rheological Properties for Tissue Repair

Novel Technologies or Methods for Biological Mass Transfer Process Based on Biomechanics

Biomechanical Effect in Mechanical-Electrical Coupling and its Medical Engineering Application

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