1. Requirements on qualification:

Having obtained Ph.D. degree from famous domestic or overseas universities, having made prominent research accomplishments, having good teachers’ merits, independent research capacity and teaching capacity, having teamwork spirit, having the potential to become a young leader in his/her own sector or field.

2. Treatment and support

1) Remunerations are based on university regulations on salaries and remunerations;

2) Research grant: the university provides the talent with research start-up grant of RMB 100,000 Yuan for arts and humanities disciplines and RMB 200,000 Yuan for sciences and engineering disciplines;

3) Home settlement subsidy: home settlement subsidy of RMB 100,000 Yuan;

4) Eligible for RMB 12,000 Yuan/year (for those below 35 years) and home rental of RMB 2,000 Yuan/month in the 3-year contractual term.