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Breakthrough Research

CQU granted another special project under “Smart Grid Technology and Equipment” Program

Recently, the Industrial Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced the list of key special projects under “Smart Grid Technology and Equipment”, a national key R&D program of 2018. The project named “A Study on Comprehensive Analysis and Reliable Evaluation Method for Multi-physics Field of Large-capacity Electronic and Electric Equipment” with Chongqing University as the leading organizations was approved to be established, with central financial appropriation of 21.57 million yuan.


The Project focused on exploration of innovation of analyzing means, testing technology, and simulating and modeling method of the multi-physics field and reliability of large-capacity electric and electronic equipment, and erection of component-level and equipment-level R&D platform of software and hardware. With constant increase of large-capacity electronic and electric equipment, it is posing an ever greater impact on the reliability of the power system. In particular, due to the special function of large-capacity electronic and electrical equipment, there will be more affected areas in the power system failure. Tens of thousands of persons will be affected by each blackout event, causing direct or indirect loss of more than 20 billion US dollars.


Implementation of the Project will further optimize the reliable design of electronic and electric equipment, and reduce scrapping rate of equipment and components. In addition, it will help reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the equipment throughout its entire service life, expedite connection of renewable energy and promotion of electric cars, and promote efficient utilization of clean energy and energy conservation and emission reduction, and has significant ecological benefit.